Administrative Staff Directory


Administrative staff are responsible for:

  • Acting as the point of contact for utility services and billing
  • Voicing citizen concerns or complaints and providing information
  • Accounting functions of the city, including preparation and monitoring of the annual budget
  • Maintaining official records, including all City ordinances, resolutions, policies, and minutes
  • Coordinating personnel services for the city 

Contacting Administrative Staff

Contact information of administrative staff members is listed below. 

Please note:  The arranging of utility services takes place at City Hall.

Norway City Hall
915 Main Street / P.O. Box 99
Norway, MI 49870-0099
Telephone:  1-906-563-9961
Telefax:  1-906-563-7502

Telephone extension numbers for each administrative staff member are included in the contact listing below.  For mailing purposes, each location listed below, including the Department of Power and Light (DPL), Fire Hall, Golf Course, and Police Department, is P.O. Box 99.  

Administrative Positions and Personnel

Accounting Clerk                                       Lisa Schultz
                                                                  915 Main Street (City Hall)
                                                                 906-563-9961, ext. 200
City Clerk                                                   Trisha Plante
                                                                  915 Main Street (City Hall)
                                                                 906-563-9961, ext. 204


City Manager                                             Ray Anderson
                                                                  915 Main Street (City Hall)
                                                                  906-563-9961, ext. 205

Data Entry Clerk                                         Jamie Kraemer
                                                                   915 Main Street (City Hall)
                                                                   906-563-9961, ext. 202
Police Clerk                                                Louise O'Donnell 
                                                                   915 Main Street (Police Dept.)
                                                                   906-563-5801, ext. 210 
*Please call to contact.
Tax Assessor                                               Jim Waisanen
                                                                   915 Main Street (City Hall) 
                                                                   906-563-9961, ext. 203

Treasurer                                                     Mary Pollard
                                                                    915 Main Street (City Hall)
                                                                    906-563-9961, ext. 206
Utility Billing Clerk                                      Christine McMahon
                                                                    915 Main Street (City Hall)     
                                                                    906-563-9961, ext. 201

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